Product Inserts


Convey Your Message To The Customers With Product Inserts

When it comes to product inserts, it’s all about being noticed in the brown paper and thermocol packaging. With an experience of creating 100+ stunning product inserts, we exactly know how you can create inserts that a customer reads and not just throw away with the packaging.

Product inserts are something that your ‘paying customers’ will see. Therefore if it stands out, you as a brand will stand out too. Being a professional designing firm, insert cards designed by Infographic Factory not just grabs consumer’s attention but also persuades them to take action. We understand that a perfectly designed insert card goes a long in helping you build a long-lasting relation with the customers. Hence while designing we focus on factors like color combination, fonts and try to make the design as vibrant as possible. We amalgamate both creative designing and to-the-point yet strong copywriting to engage your customers and enforce a call to action.

  • Final format is given in a printable format
  • Delivery within two to three working days
  • Completely distinctive and original designs
  • 24 / 7 customer support and after-sale service
  • Copywriting included in the package
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Quick Turn-Around Time

We never keep our customers waiting. After you place an order, a dedicated project manager will be allocated to you who will immediately coordinate with the designers and get your work started. You will get the final drafts within two to three business days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we won’t be satisfied until you are. Usually, it takes maximum two revisions for our clients to get the designs final. Still, even after that, you are not satisfied (actually not possible), then we will make the edits until you are happy.

Eye-Catching Designs

We are a team of young and passion-driven designers who have a reputation for creating the most appealing designs that are guaranteed to improve user experience. We believe in tailoring our approach according to each client because we know that every client has unique design demands.

Amazon-Friendly Insert Cards

Apart from being designing experts, we are Amazon experts too. We are well aware of the Amazon guidelines and know what to add and what not to add. So if you an Amazon seller looking to create insert card, then we are the perfect choice.


What we will need?

  • Product image
  • Product information
  • Purpose of your product inserts (asking for reviews, giving guarantee information etc.)
  • Size of product insert (in inches or pixels)

What we will do?

  • Competitor analysis
  • Content writing
  • Insert designing

How can you start?

Step 1: Order Product Insert Design service from us
Step 2: We will share the first design draft to you within 4 to 5 business days which you can review and suggest changes
Step 3: Based on changes we will redesign or update the graphics and share you the final version
Step 4: Once you approve, we will send you the final files in a printable format