Infographic Factory is a subsidiary of eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN enlisted ecommerce consultancy with over 62 in-house Amazon specialists. Since 2014 eStore Factory has been helping Amazon merchants sell more with solutions like product listing optimization, sponsored ads management and product photo enhancement.

Over the past few years, many of our long-term clients reached out to us for graphic designing work to enhance the look of their product detail page on Amazon. We started off by creating Enhanced Brand Contents (now A+ Pages), infographics, product inserts and now we are a full-suite graphic designing firm that specializes in everything from logo creation and packaging design to brochures, web banners or anything that can creatively drive your brand. We are a bunch of young and talented design nerds, content creators and creative artists who craft designs that will make you go “wow”. Every project we take in and every client we work with becomes a part of our team. Together we will face the challenges, celebrate the victories and create brilliance. 

Bang on! That’s what our clients say when we show them our creations and we are very sure you will too.